Weingut Piewald

Spitzer Graben

Behind Spitz

It is often forgotten that behind the 1000-Eimer-Berg, the landmark terrace of Spitz, there is another little piece of the Wachau. A short trip along the Spitzer Bach, up Ottenschlager Straße or a little walk behind the castle of Spitz up the Setzberg and one is already in the Spitzer Graben, where the hills are immediately getting higher and the vegetation start to become more wooded. Silence takes over. Just a few meters away from the big river an imaginary border seems to divide the Spitzer Graben from the more popular and populated part at the shores of the Danube. Nevertheless a daytrip to our valley always pays off, and it is definitely worth considering to stay a view days longer.

Ways through the vineyards

When we announced the creation of the MARIVINO a few years ago it was mainly to present our wines and apricot spirits to a broader public. On the other side we wanted to place special emphasis on the attraction in and around the Spitzer Graben. The conception and installation of the so called Panoramaweg (the panorama-path), the continuation of the Welterbesteig was therefore one of our main tasks. Directly behind Spitz the path leads into the vineyards, a green ocean which in the beginning lines the way. In between you can find common wild oat, poppy-seed and feather grass. The famous stonewalls are on the right and left and lead the way up into the woods where little huts offer the possibility to rest and give information of the surrounding nature and geography.

What else can be seen and done:

The Spitzer Graben offers a variety of leisure activities and places of interest.

  • The hiking possibilities I have already mentioned. In the last years the Spitzer Graben also acquired a reputation as a high class mountain bike area.
  • The Jauerling influences not just the winemakers of the Western Wachau. In winter time some slopes offer possibilities of skiing and snowboarding, in summer a beautiful path leads up to its summit. But people also have the possibility to drive up on its peak and enjoy the amazing view reaching until Melk and Göttweig.
  • Passing through little villages a path leads until Mühldorf where the famous Castle of Oberranna, built in the 10th century, is worth a visit.
  • In the neighbourhood of our vineyard are a lot of Heurigen (places where to drink wine and eat cold specialities from the region) of which always at least one is open.
  • Wachauer Weinfrühling (spring wine-weekend), Marillenkirtag (apricot day), Fronleichnam (Corpus Christi) and Spitzer Graben festival are just a few among the many feast in the Wachau.
  • Moreover we are located extremely well: Spitz (2km), the Danube (3km), Dürnstein (14km), Melk (20km), Krems (22km) and even Vienna (100 km) can be easily reached by car, bus or train.